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Ashford Looms

Ashford looms are well built and will give you many hours of weaving pleasure! Ashford rigid heddle looms are sturdy, well made perfect for the beginning and experienced weaver.


Ashford Knitters Loom

ashford knitters loom ready to weave

Check out the Ashford Knitters Loom. Fast and easy, this compact rigid heddle loom makes for exciting weaving anytime, anyplace. Fast – from yarn to scarf in two hours, easy – a loom that is simple to understand and operate, and exciting – let your fancy yarns play. The flexibility of the Ashford Knitters Loom means you can be weaving in your lunch break, while camping, or when visiting friends. What's more you can take the Ashford Knitters loom to workshops with the weaving still in place – a revolution in loom design and manufacture. It is quick and easy, with the same portability as knitting. Learning to weave on the Knitters Loom is fun! The Ashford knitters loom is a rigid heddle loom that comes assembled and lacquered. Optional knitters loom carry bag and stand also available. • New design nylon handles, cogs and pawls.

12", 20 " or 28" weaving width. • New chunky wide-eye 7.5dpi reed with large holes and slots. For all your fancy & funky yarns. • Weighs only 3.3lb • Kit includes a warp and weave booklet, warping peg, 2 hooks, 2 clamps and 2 shuttles. • New design nylon warp stick ties keep your warp sticks in the correct position at all times.

12 inch weaving width - $280.95

20 inch weaving width - $299.95

28 inch weaving width - $333.95       Quantity   


Ashford Knitters Loom and Carry Bag Combo

ashford knitters loom bag    + ashford knitters loom folded

Buy both, the Ashford Knitters Loom and Bag and save!

12 inch weaving width - $310.95

20 inch weaving width - $350.95

28 inch weaving width - $405.95


Stand for Ashford Knitters Loom

ashford knitters loom and stand

Sturdy and comfortable, you can sit and weave anywhere, no table required. The angle of the Ashford Knitters loom, mounted on this stand, is adjustable for comfortable weaving positions for all weavers, short or tall.

Stand for 12 inch Loom - $142.95

Stand for 20 inch Loom - $145.95

Stand for 28 inch Loom with support brace - $171.95



Carry Bag for the Ashford Knitters Loom

ashford knitters loom foldedThis sturdy padded bag has room for the Ashford Knitters loom, shuttles and yarn.

Zip it up and go! Or use it to store your knitters loom, when you are not weaving and keep it dust free. Strong, navy blue nylon with carry straps and outside pockets.

For 12 inch Loom-$53.95 For 20 inch Loom-$71.95 For 28 inch Loom-$100.95



Extra Reeds for 12 inch Ashford Knitters Loom

2.5 dpi-$28.95    5 dpi-$28.95     7.5 dpi-$28.95   

10 dpi-$28.95     12.5 dpi-$28.95 15 dpi-$28.95


Extra Reeds for 20 inch Ashford Knitters Loom

2.5 dpi - $35.95  5 dpi - $35.95     7.5 dpi - $34.95

10 dpi - $35.95   12.5 dpi - $35.95 15 dpi - $35.95



The Ashford Book of Weaving for Knitters

25 Easy Scashford book of weaving for knittersarf Projects using Fancy Yarns and the Ashford Knitters Loom. Let international weaving teacher and fiber artist Rowena Hart show you how knitters can enjoy weaving. She will show your how to use all the wonderful fancy knitting yarns to produce spectacular woven pieces. Learning to weave was never so much fun! Even tough this book was written specifically for the Ashford Knitters Loom, The Ashford Book of Weaving for Knitters can be used with any rigid heddle loom.

$17.95 Quantity 


Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

ashford rigid heddle loom ready to weave

Ashford Rigid Heddle looms are easy to use, even for beginning weavers, but still versatile. You can use the loom to create cushion covers, table mats, runners, fabrics, garments, floor mats, shawls, place mats and just about anything.

The Ashford rigid heddle loom offers a sturdy ratchet system and three weaving widths to choose from.

The Ashford rigid heddle loom comes complete with a 7.5 dpi reed, shuttles, warping peg, 2 threading hooks, clamps and a weaving guide, unfinished.

Additional reeds available below.

Lean to weave with this easy to use weaving loom!



 16 inch - $195.95  24 inch - $215.95 

32 inch - $245.95    Quantity


Loom Stand for Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

The Ashford rigid heddle loom stand comes complete with two handy shelves and foot rest. Convenient weaving angle. The loom can easily be removed from the stand. Ashford rigid heddle loom and stand shown to right. Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms and Stands


For 16" loom  $149.95

For 24" loom  $152.95 

For 32" loom $162.95



Additional Reeds for Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

You just have to have more than just one reed for your loom.

16", 5 dpi - $30.95      16", 7.5 dpi - $30.95 

16", 10 dpi - $30.95     16", 12.5 dpi - $30.95   16", 15 dpi - $30.95 

24", 5 dpi - $37.95       24", 7.5 dpi - $37.95 

24", 10 dpi - $37.95     24", 12.5 dpi - $37.95   24", 15 dpi - $37.95 

32", 5 dpi - $46.95       32", 7.5 dpi - $46.95

32", 10 dpi - $46.95    32", 12.5 dpi - $46.95   32", 15 dpi - $46.95



Ashford Table Looms

Ashford Table Loom Four or Eight Harness

ashford table loom - four harness loomThis Ashford table looms will travel! The Ashford table loom offers a revolutionary design allows this loom to completely fold for transport. The overhead beater system means that you will always beat evenly. A stretch cord automatically returns the beater to a position back against the castle. The Ashford Table Loom includes 10 dpi stainless steel reed, Texsolv heddles and 2 shuttles. Lacquer finish, rubber feet. The 4 Harness 16" Ashford table loom fits into a suitcase for easy portability. The Ashford table loom is also available as an eight harness table loom.

The loom stand is sold separately as well as a 4+4 harness kit and 2nd back beam that you can add later on.


16 inch, 4 harness - $840.00 16 inch, 8 harness - $890.00

24 inch, 4 harness - $890.00 24 inch, 8 harness - $945.00

32 inch, 4 harness - $940.00 32 inch, 8 harness - $995.00


FREE shipping!!

Ashford Table Loom 16 Harness

This 16 harness Ashford table loom gives you even more flexibility, while still being foldable. 24" only.

$1595.00  Quantity  

Loom Stand for Ashford Table Loom

 ashford table loom and stand

Take your Ashford Table Loom off the kitchen table and move it anywhere you like. Includes treadle kit for four treadles. For the Ashford four harness table loom only.


For 16" Loom - $495.00

For 24" Loom - $505.00

For 32" Loom - $515.00