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Weaving DVDs

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Weaving Well DVD

weaving with madelyn van der hoogtEditor of Handwoven magazine Madelyn van der Hoogt demonstrates techniques and tips for satisfying, successful multishaft weaving: Match yarn, sett, and structure to get the results you want, weave clear patterns and smooth selvedges, learn how to handle repairs and errors with ease. Make your finishes as attractive as your weaving and learn dozens of other weaving tricks that you didn't know you didn't know. Weaving Well is the ideal companion to tweak YOUR weaving! Madelyn shows you everything you need to know to make beautiful woven fabrics, from great start to fabulous finish.

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Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom 2 DVD Set

weaving on a rigid heddle loomExplore the endless possibilities of the rigid heddle loom as Jane Patrick shows you how to take your loom to its limits! The rigid heddle loom is great for beginners, but equally great for seasoned weavers who can explore its endless potential while never getting bored. If you’re accustomed to thinking of the rigid heddle loom as a “placemat” loom, be prepared. The 2-disc Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom set, wiil show you how to use it for all kinds of fabrics—from sturdy little rugs to sheer shawls, from simple plain weaves to complex finger manipulations to doubleweave and beyond. Learn how to warp your loom in a matter of minutes, use a pick-up stick to weave any pattern you choose, use two heddles for fine fabrics and even double cloth, and so much more! Plus, you get printable PDFs of downloadable sampler instructions and “cheat sheets” included with the DVD!

$34.95 Quantity

Warping your Loom DVD

how to warp your loomTension is good for warps, but terrible for weavers. From front to back, back to front, bobbin to beam, and paddle to raddle, Madelyn’s no-worry warping techniques help ensure that your every warp will deliver a satisfying weaving experience. Learn to warp without worries! Master trouble-free techniques for winding, sleying, threading and beaming your loom!
Make warping more smooth, serene, and successful with logical, easy-to-follow steps that avoid the horrors of tangling, uneven tension, and lost threads.
Avoid Uneven tension with tips on how to, wind your warps quickly and effortlessly, keep your warp aligned and under control from warping board to beam, sley the reed, thread the loom, tie on to and beam the warp, find threading errors and fix them before you weave.

$34.95 Quantity


Beginning Four Harness Weaving DVD

learn to weaveLet master weaver Deborah Chandler show you how to get started! Step by step instructions will show you how to weave a sampler. You begin by measuring the warp on a warping board and then you'll warp the loom from front to back. You will learn how to read a weaving draft (pattern), how to tie-up the loom (direct tie-up), and how to weave a number of different weave structures from the pattern draft that is provided. You will explore plain weave, basket weave, rib weave with one and two colors, several twill combinations and the basics of doubleweave. Great introduction to four harness weaving. A must have for the beginning weaver!

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Introduction to Weaving DVD

learn more about weaving loomsThis DVD introduces you to the tools, yarns, vocabulary, projects, types of weaving and equipment that will help you choose a direction that is just right for you. You learn how to calculate & measure yarn quantities needed, and wind your warp using a warping board, an essential ingredient to all weaving, & one you will refer back to often as you continue to explore weaving. This DVD serves as a prerequisite to all other weaving courses for those of you who are new to weaving. 57 min.

    $29.95   Quantity 


Navajo Weaving, sharing the Technique and Tradition DVD

navajo weavingThis comprehensive 3-hour video workshop begins with an introduction to your instructors and personal remarks by Navajo weaver, Angie Walker Maloney. It includes information on tools, yarn and equipment, and a look at several different styles of Navajo looms. You will learn how to spin and ply edging cord, prepare the warp, apply the edging cord and make the heddles. Tips on how to use the loom, create the sheds, and use the tools get you started. As you begin weaving, you will learn the secret of laying in the first row. You will learn how to weave stripes, vertical lines (by interlocking wefts on the same row), squares or blocks, diagonals and diamonds. You can follow along by weaving the design provided, or create one of your own based upon the discussion in "Planning a Rug Design", which includes specific information on weaving a design that reverses at the center of the rug. You will learn many tips and solutions to potential problems throughout the video. And, Angie's method of finishing a rug the Navajo way is magic! All this plus stories, traditions and rugs that will inspire. 231 min.

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DVDs and videos with removed or damaged shrink wrap or seal are non returnable

Rug Weaving DVD

jason collingwood rug weavingThis comprehensive video workshop covers all information needed to weave a successful weft-faced rug. Jason Collingwood teaches you to make a good, durable rug beginning with how to warp the loom. He shows how to create blocks of color using a standard threading and then how to change the placement of blocks to place color and alter the design. This method of manipulating the warp threads allows almost unlimited possibilities for color placement using only a 4-H loom. Along the way he covers beaming for high tension, ensuring neat and durable selvedges, and finishing the fringes. Jason demonstrates on a jack-type floor loom to show you how to adapt any loom to shaft switching. As he takes you from warping to finishing, he shows inspiring examples while explaining the elements of creating and weaving a beautiful rug. 132 min.

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DVDs with removed or damaged shrink wrap or seal are non-returnable